When Buying a Top of Rack Switch, 5 Features to Consider…

What makes the Nexus 3000 series the industry’s leading merchant silicon switching product line is its best in class support model, the open operating system with advanced programmability, and flexibility for changing business needs....

You may ask “so what makes Nexus 3100-V unique?” Here is a summary of the most important highlights:

  1. Support of 100G uplinks
  2. Bigger buffer (16MB)
  3. Double System memory (16GB)
  4. Quadruple Ingress ACL: increased from 4,000 to 16,000
  5. VxLAN routing

Watch this video if you’d like to get a brief tour on Cisco campus and watch Houfar Azgomi present the Nexus 3100V.

Building a Flexible and Scalable Data Center with Cisco Nexus 3100-V Switches

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The 3100V switches come in 3 flavors:

  1. Cisco Nexus 3132Q-V: A 32-port 40G switch that can also convert into a 104-port 10G switch with breakout cables
  2. Cisco Nexus 31108PC-V: A 48-port SFP switch with 6 uplink ports that can run at 100G, 40G or 4x10G
  3. Cisco Nexus 31108TC-V: A 48-port RJ45 switch with 6 uplink ports that can run at 100G, 40G or 4x10G.


  1. 100G uplinks: Cisco predicts that global data center IP traffic will grow 31% every year in the next 5 years. For this, it is obvious that 100G is the new norm for higher bandwidth, big data, and IP storage workloads.
  2. 16 MB enhanced buffers: Compared to 12MB buffer from the previous generation, the Nexus 3100V models offer 16 MB enhanced buffers to absorb bursts of traffic and applications. You won’t have to worry when you need to expand your network in the future, because these deep buffers are designed for highly oversubscribed environments.
  3. 16 GB Increased system memory: In the previous model – Cisco Nexus 3100XL – Cisco already increased the system memory from 4GB to 8GB in order to introduce network programmability features developed in NXOS 7.x. But as networks are becoming more complex, competitive businesses need more memory to store more objects. Hence, Cisco has doubled the capacity again in the Nexus 3100V models from 8GB to 16GB to improve capacity for object-model programming.
  1. Quadrupled ingress ACL table size to 16,000: for more greater security,traffic control, enhanced security, and policy management flexibility
  1. Support full VxLAN routing (layer 3 VxLAN): With this, workloads in different segment IDs can directly communicate, whereas, with VxLAN bridging (layer 2 VxLAN), workloads need to be in the same segment ID to interact.